Why We’re Different:
Our Approach and

Sophisticated investors want predictive data. But they know good data on China is hard to find. More importantly, they understand it’s not just the data that counts; anyone can gather raw data. How the data is structured and applied to investment analysis is the key. TH Data Capital’s information is not only accurate; it is highly structured and targeted to facilitate investment decisions.

TH Data Capital uses proprietary, cloud-based big data technology in a process that is analyst-driven. This differs significantly from our IT driven competitors that look at reams of data but lack interpreting it correctly to make it useful.

No one else gathering data in the Chinese market has an analyst-driven approach. That is why our data is so valuable and so useful for our clientele worldwide.

The graphics below are examples of types of data we analyze

Koudai Weidian

SNS based e-commerce platform

China online retail index