About Us

Serious investors understand the importance of China. Its consumer markets are the litmus test for any business balance sheet. And it’s nearly impossible to obtain timely performance information on Chinese companies publically traded on US exchanges, nor on US companies that have sales or operations in China market.

We produce business intelligence so powerful it almost can be considered its own asset class:
Data Capital.

Whether you are an investor or a company with an interest in the Chinese consumer markets, TH Data Capital offers you ahead-of-market data that will help assess business performance in China. This information is invaluable for making investment decisions and for broader competitive and industry analysis.

Our Customers Include

Hedge funds with investment interests in publicly-traded Chinese companies or US consumer-facing companies doing business in China.

Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms seeking deep-industry, sector-specific, or company-specific information for existing portfolio company monitoring or future opportunities.

Companies with a commitment to Chinese consumer markets.

We cover all Chinese companies that trade in the US as well as select US companies that operate in Chinese consumer markets.